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Melissa and Tina, a life coach and a therapist, joined together to bring you Sweet Relief from the Everyday Narcissist. This site sweetens the relief, by offering ongoing support and encouragement.

Welcome to Sweet Relief — that's what we hope you'll find here.

Sweet Relief from those relationships in which you feel trapped or confounded, whether at home or at work. Take one of the quizzes below. If you find it relevant to your experience, we've got information and support for you here.


Melissa's post

Melissa Schenker

Why a Narcissist Does What She Does

As seen in Huffington Post

We're familiar with the self-centered, self-inflating tendencies of narcissists but have you ever stopped to wonder why they do what they do? Sometimes we assume that it's due to "low self-esteem" but then it also seems that they feel superior to others -- which presents a contradiction. Getting a handle on why they do what they do can help your relationship with a narcissist make more sense.

Keep in mind that narcissists can be male or female -- what typifies a narcissist is their behaviors.

Here's a list of just a few of the more common "patterns" of narcissism, and a brief explanation of what's behind the behavior: Continue reading 

Tina's post

Want to create an entertaining rumpus at your next dinner party? Invite some psychology professionals and ask them what they think of the recently released DSM5. That topic is guaranteed to provide passionate debate. more...


Do you wonder if there is a narcissist in your life? If so, take one of these two simple quizzes: One is if you guess there is one in your personal life, the other is in case there might be one in your work life.


Shared inspirations for hope and healing. And when all else fails, laughter.

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